Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Set The Tone

It was Voltaire who said…

I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Good fella, Voltaire. So… on that particular note… I reckon this whole ‘blogging’ malarkey is pants.

Why? I’m just off the phone to Tony The Greek. And, he has encountered the same problem as me; the last three of these darned things that I’ve posted make no sense. Doesn't bother him but, it annoys the heck out of me.

Its because of the way it works … that the last shall be first… and, the only way in which the last three ‘blogs’ I’ve posted make any sense at all is... if… they're read in the proper order... ie, one, two and three.

Equals… to a casual passer-by who has stumbled across these ramblings of mine on the trotoir of the internet, what I’ve tapped out lately reads as… nonsensical.

There is one small consolation however – while Tony has quite an audience for his own ramblings, I don’t.

Maybe its better that way.

I’ve confused enough people in my life, so maybe I have to revise my own method of ‘blogging’.

Added to which I find I actually hate the word.

So, from now on, this’ll not be a ‘blog’. I don’t exactly know what it’ll be but… blog, it won’t be. Maybe a compendium of thoughts – I realize that’s not quite as snappy a title but, hey ho… Anything is better than something that reminds me of an unfortunate occurrence that overtook my brother many years ago.

After a particularly healthy intake of ferociously-spiced food from the Indian sub-continent one evening, he was en-route to Cirencester early the following morning. Nature, needless to say, took its course but, ever so slightly faster than he'd anticipated.

Whereby, moments after the first abdominal rumblings started, he was desperately forcing his buttocks to stay shut.

Clearly a stopping off point was required on an immediate basis. He finally (as in just in time) found a filling-station that boasted a rhyming word with blog only to discover that the door was locked.

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Drew said...

And my Black Forest Gateau ceased to be appealing.