Friday, June 26, 2009

Let The Earth Bear Witness

OK... this is important.

And, its a message to anyone out there who reads this... please, watch and then forward the you-tube link across to anyone / everyone you know.

Its a video montage of stills from whats going on in Iran set to music by The Waterboys' Mike Scott utlising words by the great Irish poet, WB Yeats.

Its incredibly powerful and moving... not easy to watch but... maybe thats the point.

"Let The Earth Bear Witness is inspired by the amazing scenes of hundreds of thousands of Iranian people standing up for their rights and freedom. I took the words from two old Yeats poems, in which he was writing about Irish freedom fighters. But his words apply to any freedom fighters, anytime, anywhere in the world." Mike Scott.


They shall be remembered for ever
They shall be alive for ever
They shall be speaking for ever
The people shall hear them for ever

Let the sea bear witness
Let the wind bear witness
Let the earth bear witness
Let the stars bear witness!

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