Thursday, November 6, 2008

24 Hours From Tulsa

Been wracking my brains for another way of putting this but, I guess I must be word-bird-brain-dead-beat now... it's starting to feel like I'm totally written and, frankly, everything-else'd-out now on Project X.

Its reached that really bizarre place; teetering as if high on the tightrope... ready to fall either way.

Which, of course, parallels very neatly into my own dread of absurdly high heights. Am fine on roofs, done enough of them in my time to have conquered that fear but... tightropes. They make me think of Blondin. Remember him? (pointless asking that really since I have virtually no readers). So, for any new-comers, I'll just carry on regardless... ie as usual.

Blondin was an utterly bonkers French bloke from round about the start of the last century who indulged in some pretty mad high-wire stunts. And loads of people - clearly with nothing better to do than watch a man possibly fall to a fairly unpleasant death hundreds of feet below - paid to go and see him... perform. Performance art? I suppose so. I imagine too, that the bookies took bets... wonder what the odds were on a windy day? Sorry, minor digression.

Anyhow... for example, one time he strung a wire from one side of Niagara Falls to the other and then... hopped on and walked across. No safety net or anything vaguely sensible like that. Mad? Absolutely crackers... what sane individual does something as loopy as that?

Anyhow, needless to say, he didn't stop there... this is from memory yet, I'm pretty sure the little grey cells are accurate on this bit of trivia - he (Blondin) wasn't just content with wandering across from one side of the Falls to the other... oh no... he was French = perennially hungry.

So... he took a stove, a chair, a frying pan, knife, fork, plate and three eggs with him on his next trip.

Set up the stove and his chair - obviously both balanced in a fairly precarious manner - broke the eggs, cooked his omelet, ate it and off he toddled... over to the other side to rapturous applause from both banks.

How does this equate to Project X?

The meeting I have tomorrow morning looks like it could be pivotal. Everything is set as best I can set it up.

Therefore, heading off to my 10.00am appointment will, I reckon be a bit like walking out onto the tightrope... with absolutely zero safety net.

So, shall I be taking a stove, the eggs and the rest? Rather a lot hangs on this so... the answer's yes... I'm taking the full kit-and-caboodle plus boning up on every culinary skill I know.

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Drew said...

I'm sure I don't really need to express just how much I'm willing your meeting to go well.
But just so you know exactly what you succeeding in your project means to Drew, I'll let you know that I'd sell my Land-Rover, without gain or profit to myself, to help you get to where you need to be.
Now that's commitment!

Fingers crossed.