Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All This And More

Change is the law of Life. And, those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. John F Kennedy - Frankfurt, Germany, June 25th 1963.

By the time we wake up, America will have a new main man.

The commentators are talking of this as being the single most important election in living history.

Why..? Well, just maybe everyone, everywhere has become fed-up to the back teeth with all thats gone on - across every single facet of life these last few years.

Perhaps, we're therefore living in truly historically important times when those pledges that are made and yet always broken - will FINALLY be held up as true and... IMPORTANT.

When that someone who the world confidently expects to be the next most important man on this planet will have the guts and determination to say... NO MORE WAR.

And, instead... rally those other spineless world leaders by stepping out and marching to the beat of another drum.

To really herald in an age of true reform - where the homeless and the disposessed are cared for; where the elderly are not forgotten; when the sick and infirm aren't kept waiting on trolleys in hospital corridors; an age where the horrors of AIDS are - finally - properly adressed and nations who can... actually DO something as opposed to talk about doing something bloody well do it... when trade is fair between nations... and when a proper education for all is a right not an option if you can afford it.

The past is another country, they did things differently there. LP Hartley - the opening lines to The Go-Between.

Is it too much to ask that the past is consigned to where it belongs and that we work toward a better future?

Here's my hope... and, it applies to so, so much: that the best of the past is the worst of the future.

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Drew said...

So Hamilto has his crown, and now Obama has his.One is inspirational whilst the other is influential.
Now I've seen no evidence of this yet, but I'd hate these two historic events to be hi-jacked solely by the black community, as I feel this would only serve to entrench divisions. These victories, of hugely differing importance in world politick, are victories for humankind, and should be embraced by all hues.